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What is a Sedge?

A sedge is a grass-like plant (graminoid) in the sedge family (Cyperaceae).  Most would look down the sedges while walking through the woods or a wetland and just think they are grasses.  While they fill much the same ecological role … Continue reading

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What is a Graminoid Plant?

A graminoid is a grass, or grass-like plant.  The leaves are typically blade-shaped, and the flowers are plain by human standards. Graminoids include: True Grasses –  Poaceae Sedges, bulrushes – Cyperaceae Rushes- Juncaceae Cattails – Typhacea Not botanist completely agrees … Continue reading

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Observing the Forest Canopy from a Tower

I don’t like heights but I do love the view from observation towers, especially those above forests.  Getting a view of the forest canopy from a bird’s perspective is a unique way to look at the world.  Down on the … Continue reading

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Cold Air in Low Spots – Fog, Dew and Frost

Fog can slowly build up, or silently and slowly roll in during the night.  If may quickly burn off in the sun, or quietly drift away on the morning breeze.  Fog can come during any season, and any time of … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday 90th David Attenborough

David Attenborough is celebrating his 90th birthday, and I for one am glad he has spent so many years broadcasting nature programs for the BBC.   We even have a Bur Oak tree in the backyard named David Atten-bur-oak (my … Continue reading

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Quick, Get that Water to the Sea

It’s early spring, and I decided to take a trip down to one of my favorite local wetlands on this Earth Day.  Each time I go  there I stop and contemplate the drainage ditch that runs through it. The ditch … Continue reading

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Light Pollution and Migratory Birds

A new article titled  Even Porch Lights can Disorient Migratory Birds appeared in Conservation Magazines’s online “Conservation this Week” It has been known for some time that lights in tall buildings, lighthouses etc. give migrating birds many troubles, but more evidence is gathering … Continue reading

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Snow on the Flowers

April came in with a snow fall of a couple of inches, but there wasn’t much cause for worry because 75% of it was gone before the end of the day.  It was a cold day, but the sun was … Continue reading

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Spring Time

This year spring is arriving early, but of course with the weather, that could all change soon and we could find ourselves with another snowstorm soon.  However, according to the 10 day forecast, both day and night will be above … Continue reading

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New YouTube Channel for Relaxing, Calming Nature Videos

I’ve put together a new YouTube channel, Nature Meditations of my nature videos into a format that facilitates relaxation, meditation, and even sleeping.  One thing I noticed about many of my shorter videos that I make for educational purposes and … Continue reading

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