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For many lakes and streams turbidity is the most important environmental issue effecting individual lakes, but what is turbidity, and where does it come from? Turbidity is the amount of particles suspended in the water that block light.  These particles … Continue reading

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Anoxic (no oxygen) Conditions in Lakes and Wetlands

Anoxic conditions in wetlands refer to the lack of molecular oxygen (O2) in wetlands and lakes.  They can arise under a number of conditions.  Most organisms are stressed or killed under anoxic conditions, but there are some bacteria that require … Continue reading

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What are Macrophytes?

Let’s break the term macrophyte down into its parts to find its definition Macro means it can be seen with the naked eye. Phyte comes from the Greek phyton meaning plant. The term is most often used to describe the … Continue reading

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Lake Poygan Blue-green Algae Bloom

Although the temperature has not been excessively hot, blue-green algae blooms are in full swing on the Lake Winnebago System.  Everything is in place for such algae blooms:  warm temperatures, calm weather and excessive nutrients in the water.  Many types … Continue reading

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