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Clonal Growth of Plants

All higher wetland plants reproduce sexually through seeds and spores, but asexual reproduction is just as, or even more important than sexual reproduction in some species.  Sumbergent aquatic plants often reproduce when broken into pieces by environmental conditions like waves … Continue reading

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Fire at Rat River Wildlife Area

This morning I went to the Rat River State Wildlife Area to take some photographs to hike through the marsh.  When I set up my camera to take a time lapse series of the sunrise I notice that smoke hung … Continue reading

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Drainage Ditch Flight

Latest edit of a low altitude flight over sedge meadows I made last June.  These ditches run through Poygan State Wildlife Area in Wisconsin.  Some were dug to help drain nearby farmland and some were dug decades ago for ducks … Continue reading

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What Good is a Grass Fire?

The above benefits of fire may be somewhat obvious, but there are others we forget today.  People throughout the world have used fire to alter their environment to their benefit.  On a small scale traditional fires may have cleared a … Continue reading

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Lake Poygan Time Lapse

While my son and I were working hard at harvesting phragmites for transplanting I set up my GoPro Hero 3+ on a tripod to record some time lapse footage of the marsh and sky.  When it came time to plant … Continue reading

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Deltox Marsh

Deltox Marsh in Winnebago County, Wisconsin is a relatively small shallow marsh, wetland restoration/enhancement.  This wetland was formally owned by the Deltox Grass Mat Company of Oshkosh.  The company manufacture grass rugs for export all around the United States.  The … Continue reading

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