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Snow on the Flowers

April came in with a snow fall of a couple of inches, but there wasn’t much cause for worry because 75% of it was gone before the end of the day.  It was a cold day, but the sun was … Continue reading

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Blanding’s Turtle – Emydoidea blandingii

One day while bouncing around in my dad’s truck on the backroads of Wisconsin we came across a strange looking turtle with a high domed shell (carapace) and small, light yellow spots. I thought its head looked snake-like and really … Continue reading

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Canada Goose (Branta canadensis)

Gallery of the Canada Goose (Branta canadensis) probably the second most common waterfowl around here after the Mallard Duck. Calling Canada Geese Video   Note: Some birders will be irritated if you call these birds Canadian Geese, because not all … Continue reading

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Spring Rolls Along

Nature Week Last week was another advancement of spring with The above video begins with a time lapse of the River, and some other footage of the rivers as well.    I put together a time lapse of leopard frog … Continue reading

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Waiting for Winter

On this day after the Winter Solstice I sit waiting for winter weather to begin, specifically snow and ice.   I am mostly looking forward to snow to cover the brown world.  I would also like to get out the … Continue reading

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Encounter with a Painted Turtle Hatchling

The other day I was launching my boat into Lake Puckaway to start work.  As I worked to free the boat from the trailer I noticed something swimming in the water below.  It was a tiny painted turtle hatchling more … Continue reading

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Burn Baby Burn, Prescribed Marsh Burn

I was driving home today when I noticed black clouds of smoke coming from the Rush Lake area.  I thought marsh might be on fire, and turned in that direction to investigate.  Sure enough the cattail marsh at Uihein Waterfowl … Continue reading

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Flight Over Poygan Marsh

Here is a new video from a remote control quadcopter flight over Poygan Marsh in Waushara County, Wisconsin.  This is one of my favorite places, mostly because I have done a lot of field work for my thesis here.  Right … Continue reading

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Oil Spill in Lake Michigan!

Oil spills can happen anywhere, and it is unfortunate and sad anywhere.  This one happened in Lake Michigan, and while it sounds like it is small, “contained”, etc. it should never have happened.  

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The Power of Ice

In Wisconsin we should know better, but we forget that ice is power.  Our lakes like to remind us of this, with crystalline beauty and crushing power of ice with wind at its back.  Winnebago was gouged out by the … Continue reading

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