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What is a Sedge?

A sedge is a grass-like plant (graminoid) in the sedge family (Cyperaceae).  Most would look down the sedges while walking through the woods or a wetland and just think they are grasses.  While they fill much the same ecological role … Continue reading

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Timothy Grass Photo

Timothy grass covered in tiny morning dew drops, near where I grew up .  Photo is back from the days of film.  One thing that I love when taking closeup photos of nature is when you get back home and … Continue reading

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Clonal Growth of Plants

All higher wetland plants reproduce sexually through seeds and spores, but asexual reproduction is just as, or even more important than sexual reproduction in some species.  Sumbergent aquatic plants often reproduce when broken into pieces by environmental conditions like waves … Continue reading

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Aerial Video of Lake Puckaway

On a calm day I took to the skies and made an aerial video of the eastern dredgbank on Lake Puckaway.  The dredge bank is a left over from the commercial steamboat travel of more than a century ago.  Today … Continue reading

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What are Macrophytes?

Let’s break the term macrophyte down into its parts to find its definition Macro means it can be seen with the naked eye. Phyte comes from the Greek phyton meaning plant. The term is most often used to describe the … Continue reading

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