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Cold Air in Low Spots – Fog, Dew and Frost

Fog can slowly build up, or silently and slowly roll in during the night.  If may quickly burn off in the sun, or quietly drift away on the morning breeze.  Fog can come during any season, and any time of … Continue reading

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Quick, Get that Water to the Sea

It’s early spring, and I decided to take a trip down to one of my favorite local wetlands on this Earth Day.  Each time I go  there I stop and contemplate the drainage ditch that runs through it. The ditch … Continue reading

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Drought and Flood Frequency and Duration

The frequency and duration of both floods and droughts has major impacts on the health and diversity of wetland ecosystems. Flood Frequency is how often floods occur.  For a wetland plant community like a Floodplain Forest maybe once a year.  … Continue reading

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Clonal Growth of Plants

All higher wetland plants reproduce sexually through seeds and spores, but asexual reproduction is just as, or even more important than sexual reproduction in some species.  Sumbergent aquatic plants often reproduce when broken into pieces by environmental conditions like waves … Continue reading

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Natural Seed Banks

Natural Seed Banks There are manmade seed banks in the news lately, but nature has had its own seed banks for millions of years.  A natural seed bank is composed of the dormant seeds that lie in soil or sediment … Continue reading

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