Observing the Forest Canopy from a Tower

I don’t like heights but I do love the view from observation towers, especially those above forests.  Getting a view of the forest canopy from a bird’s perspective is a unique way to look at the world.  Down on the forest floor we can see many things and gaze up at the trees above us.  The leaves and twigs are out of reach, nearly out of sight, but an observation tower in the forest brings us slowly up through the canopy and above it.  From here we can look down on the birds.  Most birds fly low over the canopy from tree to tree, appearing and disappearing into the green leaves.

Forest Canopy and HIgh View

A view from an observation tower in the Kettle Moraine State Forest, Wisconsin.

I may like the view, but it also makes me dizzy.  When even a moderate wind blows the wooden observation tower begins to sway ever so slightly.  I can’t really see the movement, but I can sense it in my feet.  My feet tell me not to climb higher on windy days.  Even when the tower is still I cling to the railing on the steps and stay as far away from the edge as I can, but still get a good view at the top.

The day the accompanying photo was taken there was not much wind.  I could feel some movement with my feet, but it may have just all have been in my head.   The view of the forest around me was great, but the farm field in the distance were hazy and hard to make out detail.  Still it was more than worth the climb, and the queasy feeling in my stomach.

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